The Doctors and Nurses frequently need to perform intimate examinations, for example, the breast, rectum and genital areas. They also need to get very close to you to examine your eyes. They will explain the examination to you and why it is necessary. It is common to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed during these examinations, however, if you are uncertain about the examination, or if you would prefer not to have a particular examination, please say so and we will try to offer an alternative.

A Chaperone is a witness to a medical examination and they may take several roles. They can be a moral support to you and provide a witness to the appropriateness of the examination for both parties.

Our Reception and Nursing Staff are available to chaperone should you, or the Doctor/ Nurse prefer. In some situations, for example, a Male Practitioner examining a Female Patient, we would specifically offer one. We would also offer a chaperone for unaccompanied under 16-year olds. We are prepared to chaperone any situation should you wish. You may prefer a friend or relative to chaperone and we will try to accommodate this.

There may be occasions when we are short-staffed and unable to offer a chaperone there and then and in this instance, the appointment could be re-arranged.

If at any stage you are uncomfortable during this type of examination or wish to stop the examination, please tell the examiner immediately.