Military Veterans

Message from Natasha our Care Co-Ordinator

As part of my work with the surgery, I have been contacting patients who we know are Military Veterans.  It is important that we recognise the people who served out Country whether this was recently or years ago.  I wanted to highlight Armed Forces Day and it being celebrated in Cornwall but also some charities who offer support to Veterans as well.  I can provide support and information about other charities that can offer help and support as well. If you think I can help you, then please call the surgery.

Thank You


Armed Forces Day a National Event is being held in Falmouth on Saturday 24th June you can find further information using the link below. 

 Home – Armed Forces Day (

Help for Heroes

We help the Armed Forces community live well after service.

There are many ways we help veterans, their relatives, serving personnel, and people who worked alongside the UK military. 

We help people with their physical and mental health needs, and a range of welfare issues.   Our support gives people the skills, confidence and knowledge to make a success of life in the civilian world.   Our teams can help people get back on their feet, if they are having money problems, need somewhere to live, are struggling to get a job, or don’t know how to apply for benefits.

We run sporting and social activities across the UK, and online, to combat loneliness and isolation. We provide financial grants for things such as home adaptations and medical equipment, to help people overcome challenges from illness or injury. Our free online courses and self-help guides give people life skills so they can live independently.

Further details available by following the link below.

UK Armed Forces and military veterans charity | Help For Heroes

Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club

Official Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club. Our purpose is to facilitate Veterans and serving Armed Forces personal to meet face to face in a relaxed, safe , social environment to enjoy breakfast and banter, to combat loneliness and allow Veterans to ‘return to the tribe’.

Free to attend – there are no fees, subs or commitments: we don’t exist to support any national charity, organisation or business; just turn up, pay for your own breakfast & enjoy the company of other Armed Forces Veterans.  

Clubs can be found all around Cornwall, further information about Club locations can be found using this link or on Facebook. The Official Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs Network (

The Official Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs | AFVBC Official Website

Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs are completely FREE… And will remain free! There are no fees or subs; they do not exist to raise funds for any national charity, organisation or business; Breakfast Clubs exist simply to facilitate veterans (also quite often current service personnel) meeting face to face in a relaxed, safe, social environment; that is our primary aim and function above all others, to allow veterans to ‘return to the tribe’

UK Armed Forces and military veterans charity

We provide lifelong support to Service Personnel and Military Veterans with injuries, illnesses and wounds sustained while serving in the British Armed